January 2021 Survey

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

We recently surveyed language learners on language learning and speaking.


We had 671 participants from almost every country on the planet. 🌎

You are learning almost every language in the world 🌎

Here's what we have learned so far

Most of you are driven by life-changing goals, like moving to a new country, building relationships, or work. 👷‍♂️✈️💑

And for almost three quarters of you, speaking was very important.📢

But many of you say that your speaking is not as good as your overall language. 🤷‍♀️

We wanted to know what online tools you have been using and rated them based on usage or popularity. 🧰

Duolingo, Youtube, Memrise, Anki, and Reddit as well as others came at the top, some use podcasts, and even Spotify.

And for many of you, digital solutions today are not effective enough.

They do not challenge or motivate you, in some cases the guidance you got is confusing, and the content is not practical or based on your needs, which meant you were not progressing. 😱

And so many of the same solutions did not work for you 😔

We dived a bit deeper into what drove you and what didn't work, and here are some of our favourite quotes:

"Duolingo - felt like I wasn't actually learning the language, I was just learning how to get good at Duolingo"
"I am learning Albanian so I can yell at Albanians"
"To practice speaking, I argue with myself in the shower"

and our hero ❣️

"Fell in love with someone, wanted to impress them"

We asked why you were struggling and found it was because you did't have the chance to connect with people and have conversations, in addition to lack of support or feedback and low motivation.

It turns out that those who stated "speaking is important to me" were also better at it; in other words: Those who were more focused on the speaking side of things have a higher fluency level.

We found that out by correlating the average score you gave us for how important speaking is to me, and your language level.

Here is what happened:

  • 🔥Advanced 9.14

  • 💪Upper intermediate 9.12

  • 📢Intermediate 9.0

  • 👀Upper Beginner 8.9

  • 🖐🏼Lower beginner 8.2

We asked what's preventing you from progressing, and found out that most of you want to talk or practice with other people, and that is not always easy.

It was clear that some people didn't have the confidence to speak even if they did find someone,

And finally, some needed

more motivation 💪


Do you agree or disagree with what we found? It it going to change the way you are looking at language? Tweet us at @gofluento or join us on Reddit r/fluento your comments.

Language learning is a passion of us, and we want to make it better.

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